Want the best ? Hire the best! Time to Change July 5, 2018 | Published by Asian Dreams Moving beyond the product ! Moving Beyond the Brand! Creating a Tribe-Creating A Movement ! Drive Change Thrive on Chaos! Continuously adapt. Never stop moving forward, minute by minute, second by second. Never stop innovating never stop changing. Not about thinking out of the box. Be that new box and make it better than the last one. Empower your staff. Allow your guests to Discover - Explore -Experience- Your Hospitality #branding #empower #adaptation Darrel Cartwright  became the general manager of The Park Lane Hotel, Jakarta in July 2015 to Present . He kindly took some time and shared his philosophy about the hospitality industry, its current state, and how best to make it in the hospitality business without getting burnt out.  Link to original article :  Q: Thank you for your time to have this talk